Life is full of ups and downs, yet you will get trapped at times. You do not feel like you are improving, and you are trapped trying to figure out that how to get through of your loop and start living your dreams. In certain situations, you may discover that you have lost any feeling of ambition and are simply going along for the ride since it is your only alternative.

You are not alone if you have lost hope or feel stuck in your own life. Failure is unavoidable; however, most people lack the skills needed to move on from helplessness. It is possible to take failure personally, but rather than using it as an opportunity to learn and grow, most people see it as a reflection of their value and stop up trying.

Telling someone to never give up, on the other hand, is bad advice. Successful people rarely give up. When something is not working, clever people do not keep doing it. They go through everything over. They make the necessary adjustments. They perform a spin. They gave up. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” as the saying goes.

James Clear, an author, and entrepreneur, highlighted three stages of failure in life and career in a blog post. Clear gives a sympathetic but realistic understanding of failure via the investigation of these three stages, which may help influence someone’s viewpoint and motivate them to try again.

The three stages of failure outlined by Clear are:

The First Stage: Failure of Vision

Ambition is often marketed as this essential drive only the most successful people obtain. If you are not one of the naturally lucky ones, you are truly lost to go through the motion’s day-in, day-out, never able to muster up the self-control it takes to achieve your goals.

I have got some good news for you. Ambition is not something you are born with. It has been made. Before you can improve, you must first admit that you do not have any. Examine your present employment, relationship, or any other scenario that is bothering you and determine why it is not working.

How to Fix a Failure of Vision

People rarely take the time to consider their vision and principles seriously. There is, of course, no requirement that you construct a personal vision for your job or your life. Many people would rather go with the flow and accept life as it comes. That is, in principle, quite acceptable. However, there is an issue in exercise: You will often find yourself living someone else’s dream if you never settle on a vision for your life. You must overcome your fear of honesty to solve your lack of vision. It is difficult to realize that something so central to our identity is not a good match.

Do not be scared to inquire. Examine your identity and think about who you want to be. Build your vision around it and remember that progress requires sacrifice and change.

The Second Stage: Failure of Strategy

When you reflect on your life, how many times have you asked yourself, “How can I acquire more than this?” It is all about experimentation when it comes to strategy. Many people believe that if they work extremely hard and put their heart and soul into something, they will succeed. Unfortunately, even the most valiant attempts do not always result in positive outcomes.

Failure of plan sets you up to make the same mistakes repeatedly, whether it is a relationship that just will not feel right or a business that will not develop. With each failed attempt, you become less capable, less optimistic, and ultimately want to give up.

How to Fix a Failure of Strategy

The only way to know if something will work or not is to put it to the test and see what happens. I am not advising you to take risks, but I am pushing you to implement your ideas even if you are not certain, they will pay off. Abandon the notion that you must do anything that something will work before you can do it.

Apply if you wish to return to school. You may or may not be accepted. Even if you do not know what job you will have after graduation, get the textbooks, and prepare for the following semester if you are a student.

The Third Stage: Failure of Tactics

Finally, a lack of technical success will prohibit you from moving forward in life or your work. Look at the textbooks from the previous step. If you have bought them but you do not read them, what is their use? Do you let them collect dust on your shelf? Do you believe that you will need them at some point in the future? Or do you sell your textbooks and go on to the next level of your education?

Because you do not know how to effectively manage your time, emotions, or other precious resources, failure of techniques will leave you locked in the same scenario, unable to learn or progress.

How to Fix a Failure of Tactics

The classic example may be applied to both business and life. Make a system for everything and you will be able to do everything you want. A system must be stable while also being adaptive. Each semester, you must purchase your books. Make the most of them. In your studies, strive to be better. It is possible that you will study less at times. Others may choose to keep a book rather than sell it or lend it to a friend rather than returning it to the bookshop. In any event, you recognize that to succeed, you will need a method that provides you with confidence and comfort, even if the outcome is unknown.

In Conclusion

It may sound overdone, but you must have faith in yourself. You do not need to have your life figured out to know that you can see things through. We are not always as lost as we believe. To improve our outcomes and get back on track, we just need to shift our beliefs, adapt our behavior, and modify our approach.


Md Humayun Kabir

He is 2nd year student of University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM),Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.