stop smoking side effects

Stop Smoking Side Effects to Be Watched Out

Stop smoking side effects are numerous. Also, these are not just a simple headache and flu-like symptoms instead it can cause so much problems within few weeks to months after quitting cigarette smoking. However, these symptoms are worth to conquer since smoking is now the main reasons why people suffer from lung cancer. Additionally, it is a precursor and triggering factor for people to acquire several respiratory disorders as well as some diseases that are related and associated with the digestive symptoms. Though stop smoking side effects must be experienced before you totally clean yourself from the toxins you acquired from smoking cigarette, these will be paid for especially if you saved your life from suffering serious respiratory complications and lung cancer. The article provides number of stop smoking side effects that a smoking addict will have to face once decided to quit and stop smoking cigarette.

Examples of Mild Stop Smoking Side Effects


Frequent headache as well as difficulty to concentrate and focus is the most prominent stop smoking side effects. The person may feel constantly uncomfortable and he may also feel having sick. Basically, since habitual smoking let your body adjust to small amount of circulating oxygen, it drastically being affected with an increased oxygen circulation once the person stop smoking. With this, the brain is being surprised with the additional oxygen amount causing a person to feel dizzy.


Difficulty in controlling his own temper brings another stop smoking side effects to the person who already stop smoking. Most often, he feels frustrated as well as he easily loses his temper. In line with this, digestive disorders and chest pain results from this side effect. In order to prevent those complications to happen, controlling anger and mood is very significant.

stop smoking side effects

Examples of Serious Stop Smoking Side Effects


This becomes the most common and prominent stop smoking side effect. Though tobacco smoking provides you a happy feeling, quitting tobacco smoking can lead to depression. Depression is usually being suffered by the people who consider tobacco cigarettes as their stress busters. Thus, they find it really difficult to relieve their stress once they decided to stop smoking which usually leads to depression.


As compared to the sleeping pattern the patient experienced while he is still dependent on cigarette smoking, sleeping pattern for those who stopped cigarette smoking becomes disturbing. In fact, they do not get deep sleep. He always feels that he is awake for the whole night. Since sleep is our only way to take rest and to regain our energy for tomorrow’s daily activities, experiencing insomnia will usually lead to frustration and fatigue. Nightmares and vivid dreams can also be experienced by the person who quit smoking.

Apart from the stop smoking side effects mentioned above, the person who stops smoking may also suffer from fidgeting, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and swelling. Additionally, when people stop smoking, there is a tendency that they overeat thus they gain weight. Therefore, consulting a doctor is the best recommended way once these stop smoking side effects are experienced.