Smoking Side Effects

Smoking Side Effects to Body’s Important Organ System

Smoking side effects are now drastic. But before anything else, let us first define smoking in our own way. Smoking is the most highly addictive habit that human possess. And as it is the most addictive habit, it’s even harder to quit. Smoking is the major perpetrator for cancer & heart disease. Recent survey from American Lung Association shows that nearly 8.5 million people in US are infected severely due to smoking & nearly 4.4 million people die every year due to disease caused by smoking side effects. Smoking side effects can be deadly especially the long-term effects of smoking. It definitely brings numbers of health problems. It contains tobacco which have toxic chemicals, carbon monoxide which damages the red blood cells. It also consists nicotine which damages the brain and can lead ultimately to death. What effects do? Smoking side effects usually vary from person to person and below are the prominent effects that people can get from short term and long term smoking habit.


Cigarettes containing tobacco have more than 4000 chemicals including some toxins which cause cancer. The list includes lung cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer, esophagus cancer, etc. According to National Institute of Health, smoking leads to 30% cancer death in America. Cancer is the biggest & most prominent disease caused by long-term effects of smoking.

Respiratory Problems

Emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, respiratory arrest is some of the deadly problems caused by smoking. Cigarettes contain tar which gets coated around the lungs & is the main reason for Emphysema which causes a shortness of breath.

Cardiovascular Problems

Smoking can clog the arteries around the heart with fatty harmful substance thus limiting the blood flow to the heart & causing sudden heart attack. Blood clotting in the arteries of heart is one of the severe smoking side effects. Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen available to the heart which makes the heart to work more.

Reproductive Problems

Smoking causes the reproductive problems in many women. It reduces the fertility rate, early menopause, miscarriage & even cervical cancer. While on the other side it causes low sperm count & erection dysfunction in men. Thus, smoking side effects can as well lead to impotency.

Smoking Side Effects

Digestion Problems

Smoking plays the vital role is causing stomach ulcers, bowel cancers, severe damages to esophagus, liver damages, & pancreas cancer. It also leads to low appetite problems.

Skin Problems

A study at the university of Michigan shows that person who smokes have more wrinkles, ageing problems, grey appearance, & many skin problems as compared to non-smokers. It can also cause sallow complexion.

Vision Problems

Long-term effects of smoking can cause cataract problems which may lead to blurred vision. Smoking can also cause incurable vision problems like blindness. So, as smoking is the originator of many deadly & harmful diseases, it’s up to you to choose between living healthy life and dying painfully. There are many options available in the market which can help you from quitting smoking. One of the main players is E-Cigarettes, which are same as that of normal one but just in looks. They are harmless & best substitute for Cigarettes. Some medicines & rehabilitation centers are also there to make your covenant stronger.