smoking effects on blood pressure

Smoking Effects On Blood Pressure Causes Fatal Heart Diseases

Smoking effects on blood pressure are not well known by the people. In fact, the following questions will make you realize that nobody can tell the direct relationship between smoking habits and heart diseases. Do you have any idea about the interrelationship of heart disease and smoking? Or do you know that smoking can increase your blood pressure? Most often, people point smoking as the main factor and main cause of having lung cancer and breathing problems. However, studies have proven that people who smoke most of the time are more likely to suffer from heart diseases and hypertension. In fact, approximately thirty percent of all the deaths caused by heart diseases in the United States are related to smoking effects on blood pressure. This is mainly because smoking can be the major factor that leads to coronary artery disease, which is most often manifested by younger people.

The risk of a person suffering from heart attack and heart diseases greatly increases according to the number of cigarette sticks he smokes as well as the duration of time a person smokes. People who consume packs of cigarettes within a day have a greater risk of suffering from heart attack and heart diseases as compared to nonsmokers. Also, women who are taking birth control pills and who are smoking at the same time have an increased risk of having peripheral vascular disease, stroke and heart attack. With all these proofs, it greatly strengthens the claim that smoking effects on blood pressure are not good.smoking effects on blood pressure

Ways How Smoking Effects On Heart Increase Heart Disease Risk

The nicotine contained in tobacco cigarettes destroys the cells that are found in coronary arteries as well as other blood vessels. It also causes a decrease in the clotting time of the blood. It increases heart rate and blood pressure. Lastly, it decreases the oxygen that is being delivered to the heart. With all these smoking side effects, your heart will never function as normal anymore. Thus, it can lead to several heart problems. And we all know that heart problems are the main cause of death of almost all people in the world. Therefore, smoking effects on heart should not just be treated as simple because if clots accumulated, it will block the blood flow and leads to cerebrovascular and cardiovascular attacks. When this happens, there is a low chance for a patient to survive or to regain its normal life.

Ways To Stop Smoking Help A Lot

If ways to stop smoking is followed properly, you will be able to prolong your life. You will also decrease the risk of several diseases like gum disease, ulcers, emphysema, throat cancer, lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart attack and heart disease. Moreover, you will feel even healthier right after quitting. You will never get embarrassed anymore because you will never experience coughing in front of the crowd. If you would be able to quit smoking, you will feel all these benefits and smoking effects on blood pressure will decrease.