smoking effects

Smoking Effects Cause Number Of Diseases

Smoking effects did not come from simple toxins instead it came from tobacco smoke ingredients that are chemically active. The toxic substances from tobacco smoke can start from destructive, damaging and even to fatal changes to the body of the smoker. In fact, over 4,000 chemicals are found in tobacco smoke that can cause damaging effects to smoker’s body. These chemicals include radioactive compounds, ammonia, metals, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and tar. Additionally, smoking effects will not only manifest to the people who smoke instead second-hand smoke people are more prone to suffer from destructive effects of tobacco smoke.

Short Term Smoking Bad Effects

Doctors and scientist have so much knowledge about the smoking effects on the body today than what they know before. They are very much aware that smoking can cause immediate damages on the body of the smoker. At first, it constricts the airway muscles and decreases the amount of air that can enter your lungs. This eventually leads to shortness of breath and inadequate circulation of air into the body. Additionally, the heart rate of the smoker increases. In line with this, the blood pressure as well increases. All these scenarios were caused by the carbon monoxide that tobacco smoke consists since it has the capability to deprive almost all smoker body tissues their much needed oxygen. The mentioned effects are examples of dangerous short-term short smoking effects.

Long Term Smoking Bad Effects

When short-term smoking effects are taken for granted, it can lead to long term, more serious and fatal effects as well. The smoked tobacco like cigars, pipes and cigarettes can lead to emphysema, lung cancers and other more serious respiratory diseases. According to survey, smoking already leads to around 90% lung cancer cases. Emphysema is a kind of chronic lung disease that leads to twenty percent of smoker’s fatality. Basically, the disease causes narrowing as well as clogging of lungs’ airway passages. Non smokers can also suffer from this disease. Moreover, smokers are most likely to manifest and develop signs and symptoms of laryngeal and oral cancer. The percentage of having this disease is increased as compared to people who do not smoke.

Heart Disease from Smoking

Smoking effects may also manifest on heart. In fact, it can lead or contribute to factors that lead to heart disease. Technically, cigarette smoke can increase the risk of having stroke by around 60% among women and 40% among men.

smoking effects
Smoking is addictive. It consists of nicotine, a chemical that is very addictive and hard to resist but not a chemical or drug that is impossible to quit. So, smoking effects should not just be treated instead it should be prevented even before signs and symptoms come out. If you care about yourself, your friends and family members, you will never try to smoke for you know that it will not cause harm to yourself but to others as well even those who are not smokers. Remember, smoking effects on the body may cut years from you and others’ lives.