The Smoke Economy – How Big Tobacco Keeps Growing

How Big Tobacco Keeps Growing

Even though fewer people smoking, cigarette companies are find ways to keep making money. This infographic from purplebox takes you through how they continue to make a lot of money every year. Five tobacco companies control 80% of the market and they are always ready to test new markets if they find the profitability of other markets is down. For example, British American Tobacco is facing heavy lawsuits from African governments related to past and future healthcare costs related to smoking.

While some countries tax cigarettes heavily, other countries are more lenient. However, addictions can be powerful and the customer is left to pay whatever the tobacco company is asking them to pay. It is the smoker who helps to pick up the tab on the increased tax bill. Check out this infographic to find out more about the large revenues being enjoyed by big tobacco. Hopefully you will learn something from it.