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Sipped Or Smoked Green Tea: A Way Out To Get Relief!

The trend of drinking tea has been recently been altered to smoking tea!  As a vague idea as it may sound, the global ratio of tea drinkers is declining whereas tea smokers is rising. Since health comes first, no matter what the trend is set, one needs to weigh the positive or negative impacts that the tea-taking-ritual can impart. Here, we are going to assess whether drinking green tea triumphs or smoking it!

An Exciting New Mode of Taking Green Tea!

Although it seems like a relatively unconventional mode, it has already penetrated into a number of societies. U.S teenagers are getting inclined towards smoking green tea because of these being handy. You can always carry these in your back pocket though it’s not recommended by Liz Neves who is the initiator of Vivid Vision, an herbal tea blend. In Pakistan, many hookah lovers are trying this globally-introduced-new-fashion of smoking tea. Many Chinese families take turns to smoke green tea via a hookah.

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Healthier Way of Taking Tea…. Sipping or Smoking?

According to scientific studies, green tea helps in the reduction of body fat. But the studies yet fail to create a vivid stance on whether smoking tea rather than sipping it is a healthy practice or not. One cannot omit the fact that green tea’s antioxidant properties have done wonders for the human body having no damaging free radicals, even then the question arises whether the mode of taking green tea maximize or minimize the anti-oxidant characteristics of green tea!?

smoking green tea

Scientific Beckon!

Even though no scientific approach is required in establishing the fact that smoking green tea is not as bad as smoking tobacco, even then it does not convince us to start smoking it. We are familiar that ‘drinking’ green tea can help avoid blood clots formed in veins and arteries which are formed from cholesterol and blood platelets causing heart attacks, but ‘smoking’ green tea gives us no such health advantage since smoking would take it to the lungs first and not directly to blood vessels. Higher immunity rate is also an advantage of sipping tea rather than inhaling it. Metabolic tempo is increased whilst taking hot green tea as compared to breathing green tea in. The herbal ingredients that are a part of green tea are not diminished or reduced whether the green tea is sipped or smoked. Yet, the tendency of the proper effects of these herbal constituents is vividly mounted when drank. The herbal ingredient such as Damiana, mugwort and lavender is an antidepressant, relaxant and stimulate vibrant dreams, respectively. Their ‘magic’ effects are known to be maximized when soaked in water and then utilized in everyday life. Similar study lays the foundation of drinking green tea and its enhanced effectiveness. Though it had been proved beyond doubt that the new exciting way of taking in green tea widens the perspective of people, yet in the long run smoking IS injurious to health.

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