Short Term Effects Of Smoking

The Short Term Effects Of Smoking To The Organs Of The Body

Short term effects of smoking to the organs of the body are dangerous. Smoking is the most common nemesis of our body’s basic units which are called cells. Different groups of cells, comprises the organs, which have different functions. However, if the cells are damaged, these organs will not function properly. The effects of smoking to our body are categorized into two: short term effects and long term effects. What are the organs affected by short term effects of smoking?

Short Term Effects Of Smoking To The Heart

Heart is the chief organ of the circulatory system, which includes blood and blood vessels. The heart function is to pump the blood throughout the different parts of the body. The increase of heart rate and blood pressure are the common effects of smoking to our circulatory system. Dizziness and low temperature of the skin and fingers can also be observed. The worst effects of smoking to the circulatory system are the disposition of fats and cholesterol in blood vessels, the constriction of blood vessels and the decrease of the blood flow and oxygen. The main function of the circulatory system is to transport oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. If this will not function properly the body will have short supply of oxygen which resulted into several ailments. When the body lacks oxygen so as the cells, it will lead to the death of the cells. As we all know, cells require oxygen in order to grow and to divide.

Short Term Effects Of Smoking To The Brain And Stomach

The short term effects of smoking to the brain are the different levels of stimulation and reduction of brain activities. Brain is the central part of the body which controls all the functions of all the organs of the body. If the brain is damaged, many parts of the body are also affected. While smoking a cigarette may make you feel momentarily energized, smoking can actually lower the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain, thereby affecting your memory. According to research, people who smoke all the time scores lower than non smokers once a memory test is taken. In fact, more than one pack per day appears to be significant in recalling faces and names.  Some research suggests that smoking can slow your memory performance about as much as having a couple of drinks. Bad breath is one effect of smoking that can be observed easily to all smokers. The one reason for this is the production of too much acid in the stomach. The other effects of this are loss of appetite and the decrease of the sense of smell and taste. That’s why many smokers have low weight compare to the non smokers because they don’t eat much.

Short Term Effects Of Smoking

Short Term Effects Of Smoking To The Lungs

Aside from the organs mentioned above, the most affected organ when smoking are the lungs. The short term effects of smoking to the lungs are: coughs and colds, allergies, and irritation of the eyes and throats.