What Is Second Hand Smoking

What Is Second Hand Smoking Problems And Health Findings?

What is second hand smoking? Is this really important? Should we alarm if we are being engaged into second hand smoking effects? Definitely all the answers are a big yes. Second hand smoke is commonly called as an environmental tobacco smoke. The smoke that a second hand smokers inhales is a combination of two kinds of smoke that include mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke. Generally, both of them came from the burning tobacco, however, they only differ from where it directly came from. Sidestream smoke is the smoke type that comes from the end of a cigar, pipe or cigarette. And mainstream smoke is the smoke type that is being exhaled by the smoker. Aside from the direct source, they are different in toxin and chemical contents. In fact, since sidestream smoke directly comes from cigarette, it consists of a higher concentration of carcinogens or the cancer-causing agents as compared to mainstream smoke. Additionally, the carcinogens present in sidestream smoke have smaller particles as compared to the particles contained in mainstream smoke. The smaller form makes finding way to the body easier.

What Is Second Hand Smoke Problem?

Second hand smoking effects are usually similar to the effects suffered by first hand smokers. However, second hand smokers become more prone to develop cancer cells. In fact, second hand smoke is now being classified and named as “known human carcinogen”. Also, it becomes the most common triggering factor of lung cancer. Evidences showed that second hand smoking effects may be link to other types of cancers like breast, stomach, rectum, bladder, brain, throat or pharynx, and larynx or voice box. Aside from that, studies also showed that it can be linked and associated with childhood leukemia.

What Is Second Hand Smoke Findings Regarding Health?

  • Second hand smoke effects can kill adults and children who do not smoke.
  • Second hand smoke causes illnesses in adults and children who do not smoke.
  • Exposure to second hand smoke while pregnant drastically increases the probability that the mother will have stillborn birth, spontaneous abortion, delivery problems, low-birth weight as well as other pregnancy complications.
  • Second hand smoke coming from parents can lead to slow lung growth, pneumonia, bronchitis, coughing and wheezing of the children.
  • Children and babies who are exposed to second hand some are at risk of suffering from frequent asthma attacks, more severe asthma attacks, ear infections, respiratory infections and sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Second hands smoke can immediately affects blood circulation, blood vessels and heart in a harmful and destructive way. Once second hand smoke is present for long period of time it can lead to heart attacks, strokes and heart diseases.
  • Second hand smoke can cause lung cancer to people who never tried to smoke. This happens because even brief or short period of time smoke exposure can greatly damage the cells in a way that allows the cancer process to be activated.
  • Second hand smoke effects are always harmful and there is no level of second hand smoke exposure that is considered safe.