second hand smoking effects

More Deleterious Second Hand Smoking Effects

Second hand smoking effects are not usually given so much importance. However, that should not be the case at all because second hand smoke is usually more deleterious and destructive than first hand smoke. Second hand smoking effects can be acquired in so many ways. However, the basic requirement to acquire second hand smoke is to have a person around you that smoke. Definitely, when you started to breathe, the cigarette smoke exhaled by the smoker will begin to enter your nose. And the smoke that entered your body contains the similar toxins and chemicals that the smoker inhales in. So, the diseases that might be suffered by habitual smokers can also be possible for non-smokers. Since tobacco cigarette smoke consists of over 4,000 various chemical compounds, greater than 50 of them can cause lung cancer and other different types of cancer. In addition, these are examples of few chemicals that accumulate and floats inside your lungs especially when you are exposed and you are engaged into second hand smoke.

Chemicals Lead To Second Hand Smoking Effects

The chemicals named in this article are the most common cause of acquiring second hand smoking effects. This includes carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and hydrogen cyanide. These chemicals have their own purposes and effects to the body. Hydrogen cyanide is a gas that is highly poisonous that are used in pest control and chemical weapons. Benzene is usually a gasoline component. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is used in embalming corpses. Carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas that is found and noticed in car exhaust. These are the major gases and chemicals that provide the most noticeable and most prominent second hand smoking effects.

Two Major Second Hand Smoking Effects

Since chemicals and toxins can still enter the body of a non smoker through second hand smoke, these people still have an increased risk of suffering heart diseases and cancer. Cancer is a smoking effect that is usually discussed with regards to smoking. And it also becomes an important problem in second hand smoke exposure. Definitely, the most common topic that affects second hand smokers is lung cancer. However, the risk of having other cancer types like cervical cancer and breast cancer are also increased with second hand smokers. Heart disease becomes very alarming to smokers as well for those people who are only exposed to second hand smoke. Breathing with second hand smoke is certainly bad to someone’s heart. And according to research, second hand smoke can does damage to heart cells within 10 minutes after being inhaled. With this, it makes platelet stickier. It damages the blood vessel linings. It raises the bad cholesterol level that clog within the artery. Eventually, these rapid changes can block the blood flow within your heart that usually leads to stroke or heart attack. Thus, second hand smoking effects must not be taken for granted since these can be more deleterious than the usual smoking effects suffered by habitual smokers.