physical effects of smoking

Number Of Well-Known Physical Effects of Smoking

Physical effects of smoking can be very deadly. Being the most addictive habit, it can lead us to many physical diseases. Affecting more than 8 million people in America, smoking makes the body weak. There are many physical effects of smoking and here is the look at the most prominent effect on physical level due to smoking.


Difficulty in breathing is one of the most prominent physical effects of smoking. Smoking can lead to deadly breathing problems. Cigarettes have tar in them which gets coated all over the lungs through inhaling which causes severe breathing problems. Long time breathing problems can cause Emphysema, chronic bronchitis & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Other problems includes severe coughing, sneezing. Survey shows that 12 million American have breathing problems due to smoking. It also causes severe coughing which can lead to lung cancer. Survey shows that smokers have shortness of healthy breath almost 3 times than that of non-smokers.


Smoking makes your skin very thin by reducing the production of collagen or elastin up to 40%. And due to this skin will start to have wrinkles, lines, premature sagging, etc at very early age. Dark & deep circles cum wrinkles will form around the eyes & mouths due to inhaling deadly toxins. Smokers loose the elasticity of the skin earlier as compared to non-smokers. Ageing problems, wrinkles & many other harmful skin diseases like sallow complexion & skin cancer comes under the physical effects of smoking.

physical effects of smoking

Aged eye look

Heavy smoking damages the cell around the eyes. Damaged cell will make more wrinkles & lines near the eyes & gives the sunken dark look.

Stained Teeth

Smoking will cause plaque buildup, jawbone damages, & heavy stains on the teeth. Stain on the teeth can be very frustrating & embarrassing.

Shriveled Lips

As the smoking reduces the elasticity of the skin, & lips suffers from this also. Dark lines, wrinkles, puckering & eventually bad shaped lips will make your look scary. It also makes the mouth to dry out quickly. The tongue gets dried & mouth will start to feel the cracking moments.

Dull Hair

The highly toxins chemicals in cigarettes have the capacity to damage the roots of the hair. Due to deficiency of oxygen in the blood caused by heavy smoking, the hair loses its shine which leads to hair loss & baldness.

Discolored fingers

Fingers nails & upper parts will turn to yellowish due to smoking. And in most severe case of Physical effects of smoking arms are most likely to get sagging.

Unpleasant Smell

No one can deny from the awful smell due to smoking. You will soon get to lose your friends due to bad smell. Study also shows the smoking also causes low appetite problems. Physical effects of Smoking also include lower back pain, hip fractures, sprains, Osteoporosis and sudden heart attack. So, to avoid all this kind of severe health & physical problems it is better to avoid smoking or leave it purely. By choosing not to smoke, you are adding some precious years to your life.