harmful effects of cigarette smoking

General Information About Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Harmful effects of cigarette smoking are widely known all over the world. In fact, health and medical institutions in United States as well as institutions found all throughout the world have concluded and proved that cigarette smoking can be related to numbers of health problems. Recently, research studies showed that people who habitually smoke are at high risk of suffering from lung cancer as compared to those people who never tried smoking at all. Aside from lung cancer, harmful effects of cigarette smoking may include oral cancer, throat cancer and other lung diseases like emphysema, smoker’s cough, lack of endurance and stamina, premature wrinkles, loss of desire, decrease in libido and bloodshot eyes.

Facts About Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking

For every cigarette stick, there are around 4,000 chemicals and as estimated around 60 among these chemicals are known to be the main cause of the known types of cancer. Most people believe that the main cause and main reason why smokers have lung cancer is cigarette smoking. But, lung cancer may not only come from cigarette smoking but it is true that cigarette smoking can be triggering factor for lung cancer because carcinogens are mainly present in cigarettes. However, lung cancer is not only the cancer caused by cigarette smoking because harmful effects of cigarette smoking may include other cancer types like esophageal, cervix, kidney, pancreatic and bladder cancer.

Chemicals That Lead To Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking

As most people know, nicotine is the main substance that cigarette contains. Nicotine is a substance that can cause addiction. It is poisonous to toddles and even to animals. Tobacco smoke consist carcinogenic compounds and toxins like radon and radium. These chemicals can also be a cause of cancer to smokers and second hand smokers. Additionally, these chemicals can cause your heartbeat rate to increase and even your blood pressure because nicotine has the ability to stimulate your nervous system. Since nervous system controls all functions in the body, it delivers signals to certain parts of the body to react on foreign substances also to compensate on what is happening in the body. As effect, it stimulates the center that controls the blood pressure and heart rate. Aside from that, smoking effects can cause thickening of the blood vessels that may result to clotting. When blood vessel is blocked, cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks are likely to happen.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking

Aside from smokers harmful effects of cigarette smoking can also be experienced by non-smokers. These people are also called as second hand smokers. And second hand smoking is a main problem of general public at present times. It generally occurs when smoke that is exhaled by the smoker is inhaled and entered the body of the people standing around the smoker. Aside from nicotine, the tar found in cigarette smoke is a chemical that is known to be more deadly and this substance is the main reason why second hand smoke suffers from more diseases and number of lung problems.