Exercise to Fight Bad Habits

Bad habits are like family, you want to leave them forever, but they like to latch onto you no matter what. In sickness and health and every possible scenario in your life. Bad habits most probably aren’t going anywhere for a long time but here is how you can use exercise to defeat them. The technique is to channel this addiction through another path, a safer one and doesn’t damage you or your health in any way.

Bad Habits

Let’s specify the kind of habits I’m getting at here, the ones most people have, and how they want to quit them. Bad habits could be anything from, snacking and laziness to alcohol and smoking, anything that you’re addicted to that are doing you harm in one way or the others.

Recognizing your bad habits

Leaving your bad habits alone is in itself an enormous challenge, and in this trial, the most difficult step is the first one, where you have to realize you that your daily practice is a bad habit.  The other steps come later, and they only matter once you know you’re addicted to something unsafe. So first step, start realizing you’re doing something bad in life.


Start small

Starting small is a general suggestion I will recommend here, it doesn’t have much to do with exercise, but it will help you out a lot. When you’ll decide that you need, and want to quit smoking or something like that you’re going to think, naturally that it’s going to be over soon, but it isn’t. Deciding that quitting a bad habit is good, thinking that you’ll be over it in a week isn’t. That’s why I’ll tell you, be realistic and truthful to yourself, don’t dream about having a swift recovery because trust me the letdown won’t be fun a fun ride. Therefore don’t fool yourself, know your bad habits and prepare.

Exercising and your mental health

People go through depression in life, and that’s where they pick up bad habits. When going through a tough time, everyone needs a system which allows them to cope with their stress. The system mostly involves smoking and booze, and you find these ‘bad habits’ your best friends and the only way you’re ever going to get out this rough patch. Well, the activity that’ll replace these addictions is exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways that one can release his or her stress. It introduces healthy chemicals in the brain that will help you stay happy and out of trouble. So I suggest each time you feel like having a drink or smoke, wear trousers and start doing push-ups, running around the block or throw some punches by grabbing a pair of boxing gloves. Go for anything that’ll get your mind off of your habits and keep you occupied.

Exercising and your mental health

Defeat laziness

I think laziness is a habit every one of us is familiar with. Once in everybody lives, we encounter a time where we want to give up and just lay on the couch and do nothing forever. The cause, well not having anything to do. Laziness isn’t just bad for you physically but is also upsetting for a person mentally. When you don’t have a single thing to do in life, your mind starts shutting down and well your brainpower takes a beating.  To help yourself during this time exercise is the best method, it gives you a sense of purpose in life, and it boosts your energy and morale. Exercise is great for boosting energy levels and keeping you healthy on the inside as it oxygenates the blood properly, helps in keeping your heart and lungs function properly and helps in delivering nutrients to your cells and tissues. Hit a gym, get yourself some lifting gear and spend your time burning some calories too.

Snacking and your Frequent Bites

Eating whenever you feel hungry, in my books is an obsession. People that eat all the time or pick up a sweet every time they feel hungry are not only fat but also in dire need of help. This help trusts me to come from exercising. Firstly you get something to do, so from now on instead of eating in your spare time, you will be working out.  Secondly working out also encourages you to get in shape which further inspires you to eat less. And let me add, eating snacks each time you’re hungry is also a problem, so I suggest you not only exercise but divert yourself to eat hungrily.

Exercise, in my opinion, is a diversion from all the bad habits in your life, and that’s why to quit your addictions working out is the way.

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