cegarettes smoking effects

Manageable And Life-Threatening Cigarette Smoking Effects

Cigarette smoking effects in the body are technically numerous. In fact, it varies according to severity. Some can easily be treated and some are truly life threatening. However, the cigarette smoking effects are not according to how many times you puff a cigarette smoke or how often you do smoking. Basically, smoking effects do not have an indirect causes instead it is only caused by the smoke inhaled by your body. Thus, even if you are exposed to smoke at a very short period of time, it does not prevent you from acquiring life threatening disease. So, smoking or acquiring smoke should always be avoided. With this article, smoking effects will be given according to severity.

Mild Cigarette Smoking Effects

  • Most smokers cough. As you noticed, habitual smokers are coughing all the time. Basically, the reason why smokers are coughing once in awhile has something to do with immune system. Since smoke is identified as foreign substance within the body, the immune system reacts on it and tries to fight it. The cough is a sign that your body is trying to take all the poisonous fumes, chemicals and toxins brought about by smoking. It is your lung sounds in expelling all the toxins and chemicals you inhaled during smoking. Though coughing seems to be an inconvenient way, it becomes a good thing since you know that your body is doing something to get rid of all those foreign substances.

cegarettes smoking effects

  • After smoking for a long time, you will then notice that your teeth started to have a yellow stain. This is due to the nicotine substance that is the main content of cigarettes. Thus, people having this smoking effect can hardly smile. To remedy this problem, smokers should ask their dentist and ask for a recommended product that will bring back their tooth color.Unfortunately, even if it whitens for a quite period of time, if smoking is not stopped, the yellow stain will again comes back.¬†Yellow fingers are similar problem with the stained teeth. This happens if you use only the same finger every time you smoke. To get rid of this cigarette smoking effect, you may try rotating the fingers you will use in smoking or better yet, you may also stop quitting smoking for good.

Severe Cigarette Smoking Effects

  • Shortness of breath is the first symptoms if a respiratory problem is about to start. Since cigarette smoke specifically carbon monoxide lowers the amount of oxygen being circulated and delivered to the different parts of the body, the person experiences shortness of breath. In line with this, even with light physical work can make you tired easily. Thus, making you less productive especially if your work requires more physical activities.
  • Since not enough oxygen is being delivered into the body, the muscles and other organs cannot work properly also causing the person to feels fatigue easily. He always felt having energy inadequacy every time or even after smoking. Thus, in order to prevent all these smoking effects to happen, smoking must be stopped right away.