Vaping is killing the cigarette industry

7 proves – Vaping is Killing the Cigarette Industry

Many people have double thoughts when it comes to that has the cigarette industry has fallen under the threat. The increased demand for the vaping has led to an immense decline in the consumption of industry, and there are several reasons for it. Vaping is considered less dangerous due to a common spread perception which has fallen greatly in the past decade.

People love the idea that it offers a low amount of risk as compared to the cigarette. Vaping has become a new addiction of people as it has given people new sorts of flavors to choose from which were not present back then. One needs convenience in this busy world, so in this case, vaping comes to the aid.

The growth of Vaping Kits Online

There are great reports found that the consumption of cigarettes has declined from 2 to 3 percent every year. This declined is due to the favorable points which are provided by the Vaping Kits Online. Many people are drawn the vaping as it is great in aesthetics like it doesn’t produce any further residue or odor.

Prices shoot up

The decline of consumption has caused the prices of the cigarettes to skyrocket. The prices shoot up, causing a much less further consumption. The other factor which encourages people to shop different sorts of e-cigarettes is the launch of several new brands. These brands compete with one another, each aim to boost the addiction of people. One needs to realize that the specialist in the US the consumption of vaping has boosted to a great deal. As the markets have tripled since then.

E-commerce promotes Vape Kits

The popularity of online markets and e-commerce has increased the demand of vaping over the past few years. Best and variety of flavors are just a click away. There were other countries which witnessed a great decline. Like there were several countries like the Middle East along with Africa, which experienced a drop to direct 8.5 %.


There was news which was on the air in the past decade regarding the decline of tobacco stocks. They gradually bent down to a great degree and spindled. Such short stocks reached just in three days, allowing the rise of electronic cigarettes.

Statistics of Vape Kits

The direct correlation between the decline of cigarette and increased demand for vaping is seen through statistics. There were several reports according to which about thirty-eight percent high school kid has switched to vaping. Even this statistic is not restricted until the high school students, but even middle schoolers also have turned towards this, which lead to about thirteen percent increase in consumption in the country of UK.


One needs to realize that after lung cancers and other ailments people are not turning towards just quitting cigarette. Along with the quit they are interested in vaping thus have chosen this option as their resort.

Online Search for Vape Kits

The other factor which proves that vaping has replaced the cigarettes completely is the search volume witnessed on Google trends. It has increased overtime largely. Even visual search engines like YouTube are promoting the consumption of vapes by reviewing.