Effects Of Smoking While Pregnant And Probable Solutions

Effects Of Smoking While Pregnant

Effects of smoking while pregnant must always be watched out because not only the mother will be at risked of smoking effects but also your baby. Effects of smoking while pregnant can affect you as well as your baby before pregnancy, during pregnancy as well as after the baby is born. Nicotine, which is the addictive substance found in cigarette or cigars, carbon monoxide as well as other poisonous chemicals that you inhale is carried through the mother’s bloodstream then it directly goes into the baby. Probable Effects Of Smoking…

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Smoking Effects On Blood Pressure Causes Fatal Heart Diseases

smoking effects on blood pressure

Smoking effects on blood pressure are not well known by the people. In fact, the following questions will make you realize that nobody can tell the direct relationship between smoking habits and heart diseases. Do you have any idea about the interrelationship of heart disease and smoking? Or do you know that smoking can increase your blood pressure? Most often, people point smoking as the main factor and main cause of having lung cancer and breathing problems. However, studies have proven that people who smoke most of the time are…

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Number Of Well-Known Physical Effects of Smoking

physical effects of smoking

Physical effects of smoking can be very deadly. Being the most addictive habit, it can lead us to many physical diseases. Affecting more than 8 million people in America, smoking makes the body weak. There are many physical effects of smoking and here is the look at the most prominent effect on physical level due to smoking. Breathing Difficulty in breathing is one of the most prominent physical effects of smoking. Smoking can lead to deadly breathing problems. Cigarettes have tar in them which gets coated all over the lungs…

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Smoking Effects Cause Number Of Diseases

smoking effects

Smoking effects did not come from simple toxins instead it came from tobacco smoke ingredients that are chemically active. The toxic substances from tobacco smoke can start from destructive, damaging and even to fatal changes to the body of the smoker. In fact, over 4,000 chemicals are found in tobacco smoke that can cause damaging effects to smoker’s body. These chemicals include radioactive compounds, ammonia, metals, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and tar. Additionally, smoking effects will not only manifest to the people who smoke instead second-hand smoke people…

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Smoking Side Effects to Body’s Important Organ System

Smoking Side Effects

Smoking side effects are now drastic. But before anything else, let us first define smoking in our own way. Smoking is the most highly addictive habit that human possess. And as it is the most addictive habit, it’s even harder to quit. Smoking is the major perpetrator for cancer & heart disease. Recent survey from American Lung Association shows that nearly 8.5 million people in US are infected severely due to smoking & nearly 4.4 million people die every year due to disease caused by smoking side effects. Smoking side…

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The Short Term Effects Of Smoking To The Organs Of The Body

Short Term Effects Of Smoking

Short term effects of smoking to the organs of the body are dangerous. Smoking is the most common nemesis of our body’s basic units which are called cells. Different groups of cells, comprises the organs, which have different functions. However, if the cells are damaged, these organs will not function properly. The effects of smoking to our body are categorized into two: short term effects and long term effects. What are the organs affected by short term effects of smoking? Short Term Effects Of Smoking To The Heart Heart is…

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Long Term Effects Of Smoking Lead To Several Illnesses

Long Term Effects Of Smoking

Long term effects of smoking are harmful. In order to prevent you to experience these long term effects, one must consider the ways to stop smoking. In addition, he must know all the diseases caused by smoking. Smoking is one of the greatest addictive customs that a human can start undertaking. The strain that the long term smoking can reason in deserting has managed to a lot of inquiries and new habits being started to boost the custom. But the longer time and duration you smoke, the larger effects and…

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