Effects Of Smoking Tea: Good Or Bad

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Effects of smoking tea can always be in good side. Meanwhile let us first discuss whether smoking tea is safe for consumption. It is interesting that while connoisseurs and lifelong tea drinkers drink tea in liquid form, there is a new subculture that tea can also be a smoking product. In fact, there are groups of people who consume and used green tea products through smoking it. With this newest way of consuming green tea, there is a big question whether effects of smoking tea is good or bad for human health. Though we all know that tea or green tea serves cleansing purpose to the body every time you drink it, there is still need for an answer if tea is safe to be consumed as smoking products. Therefore, this article will focus on the benefits or possible dangers of the effects of smoking tea. So, if you can’t hold your curiousness, you must stick your eyes onto this article.

How Smoking Tea Started?

At first, it is good to know who had the good idea or curiousness to try tea as one of the smoking products. In general, this practice and tradition is not uncommon and is fairly old. In China, you will be able to find the whole family gathered within a hookah while taking turns in smoking tea. In United States, experimental young-age groups are drawn and hooked to it since it is their legal way to feel a bit high. On the other hand, college students fill their pipes with leaves coming from green tea bags. Definitely, they light it up in order to calm and relax their nerves. Moreover, some athletes who were under abstinence find themselves smoking this kind of smoking tea products since it is known to have fat-burning properties.


Good Effects Of Smoking TeaEffects Of Smoking tea

With all these, effects of smoking tea are on the good side. But with regards to safety, arguments were being discussed. Some believe that effects of smoking tea are bad for the body. But most people believe that effects of smoking tea are always good. In fact, it is a smoking product that does not cause harm to the lungs because free radicals as well as other damaging molecules are absent in this product since green tea or any other types of tea have their protective antioxidant properties. Some tea may also contain theanine. This molecule knows how to keep the brain safe from any kinds of neural damage.

Are Effects Of Smoking Tea Really Good?

Is smoking green tea really good for the body? Probably yes. Definitely, it is not worse than smoking tobacco products. However, there is still no valid reason to smoke any time soon. In order to protect yourself from the damaging effects of smoking, prevention and control is still the best way. Therefore, if you have not starting smoking yet, don’t allow that your curiosity wins because if you are already feeling all negative smoking effects , you will surely regret that you tried and started smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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  • cory

    Hey! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  • favic

    I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

    • dr bappy

      welcome :)

  • Lucius

    Smoking black tea is straight up like smoking dried leaves off your lawn, it’s not a pleasant experience. Did it once as a teen when I ran out of cigarettes.

    • JusTHCisJustice

      I haven’t tried black tea but if you let it soak in EJUICE ….nuff said

    • Blake

      I haven’t smoked black tea, might give it a shot and see how it goes down.

  • http://www.efvi.eu/ Zillatron

    Well, since all the dangerous stuff in tobacco cigarettes comes from the burning of plant matter as such, I don’t think it makes much difference, what kind of smoke you inhale. The partial amounts may vary, but not significantly. Whether it contains nicotine or not, is rather irrelevant.

    That’s why I think that claims of “healthier” nicotine reduced or free cigarettes, be they tobacco or herbal, totally misleading and scientific junk.

    Decades ago (as a teen) I also tried smoking black tea. Not very pleasant.

    I prefer to drink green tea. With a pinch of peppermint. About 4-6 liters a day.

    For 2.5 years now I’m a vaper. Not to quit anything. Simply because it can taste much better than smoking. One of my favorite liquids is green tea + peppermint. But that’s just flavouring, not the original. 😉

    • http://bit.ly/TobakkoNacht Michael J. McFadden

      Fully agree with Zillatron. I have to laugh at the folks who seem to think the following:

      Smoking Marijuana is GOOD because GOD made marijuana.


      Smoking Tobacco is BAD because SATAN made tobacco.

      Really, about the only truly significant difference between them is that tobacco contains nicotine (in quantities that are probably relatively harmless — the heart disease aspect of smoking is thought to be more related to carbon monoxide) while marijuana contains THC (which is just about totally harmless physically, though the psychological/mental harm *may* be significant, especially if it’s smoked a lot at a young age.)

      I should note that the people at fauxbacco.org would disagree with my analysis as applies to commercial cigarettes. While I disagree with them, they DO feel that tobacco is harmless except for the additives and the bleached paper that you get when smoking commercial cigarettes.

      – MJM

      • Tyler.F

        i could agree and disagree at the same time. smoking anything be it tobacco, marijuana or tea leaves will cause harm due to the burning of a plant matter to release debris into your lungs. i am a cigarette smoke and have been for years but I’ve gone my own route and grew tobacco of my own. when you take out the 4000 chemical compounds it tastes better and has less noticeable physical affects to your body. if you do the research natural tobacco has medicinal qualities, and so do marijuana and tea leaves. its a known practice that has been shrouded by commercial sales and the additives (non tobacco materials and chemicals) to go make their supplies go further. Also the nicotine in cigarettes and the caffeine in tea leaves both have a calming affect to the human body/mind but do cause dependency on that calm feeling which leads to addiction in many cases. marijuana on the other hand has the THC which causes the calming affect but doesn’t tend to lead to dependency. All in all Smoke=Carbon monoxide which causes damage to the lungs and deprives the brain of oxygen for a short time.

        take what you want from what i said this is just my opinons and a few facts. the same as the comments above mine.

  • JusTHCisJustice

    You’re supposed to moisten the tea I think… That’s how I do it.. I drop enough EJUICE in it, mix it up and vape it… Then I smoke it…. Sad u can’t grow JusTHC legally but u can legally experiment w an assortment of teas that u don’t know all of what’s in… But that’s fairness… Making ppl pay inflated prices for JusTHC…THEY’RE CHARGING YOU FOR THE AIR YUOU BREATHE…. HOOKAH!!!

  • Blake

    I smoked green tea a few days ago and was quite successful. As I’m only 15 I rarely have acces to normal cigarettes I gave this a try. At first I had a few issues lighting the rollie but then once lighted I got quite a lot of smoke inhaled and exhaled. I found this tasted quite similar to a normal cigarette but the main difference was that this was a lot more smooth on your throat. After I felt a bit of a buzz and a relaxed feeling. I would recommend Smoking tea if your like me (underage) and can’t always get hold of regular ciggies or just want a easier and cheaper alternative.

    Hope this helps!

    • Jeffrey Wilburn

      Okay I’m 14 and I was wondering if you only smoke it dry will it do anything g and I make my own things out of cans does that cause anything different like to where I won’t get the full sensation

  • $hinobi

    rolled up a J wit that shit

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