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Smoking Effects Cause Number Of Diseases

Smoking effects did not come from simple toxins instead it came from tobacco smoke ingredients that are chemically active. The toxic substances from tobacco smoke can start from destructive, damaging and even to fatal changes to the body of the smoker. In fact, over 4,000 chemicals are found in tobacco smoke that can cause damaging effects to smoker’s body. These chemicals include radioactive compounds, ammonia, metals, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and tar. Additionally, smoking effects will not only manifest to the people who smoke instead second-hand smoke people are more prone to suffer from destructive effects of tobacco smoke.

Short Term Smoking Bad Effects

Doctors and scientist have so much knowledge about the smoking effects on the body today than what they know before. They are very much aware that smoking can cause immediate damages on the body of the smoker. At first, it constricts the airway muscles and decreases the amount of air that can enter your lungs. This eventually leads to shortness of breath and inadequate circulation of air into the body. Additionally, the heart rate of the smoker increases. In line with this, the blood pressure as well increases. All these scenarios were caused by the carbon monoxide that tobacco smoke consists since it has the capability to deprive almost all smoker body tissues their much needed oxygen. The mentioned effects are examples of dangerous short-term short smoking effects.

Long Term Smoking Bad Effects

When short-term smoking effects are taken for granted, it can lead to long term, more serious and fatal effects as well. The smoked tobacco like cigars, pipes and cigarettes can lead to emphysema, lung cancers and other more serious respiratory diseases. According to survey, smoking already leads to around 90% lung cancer cases. Emphysema is a kind of chronic lung disease that leads to twenty percent of smoker’s fatality. Basically, the disease causes narrowing as well as clogging of lungs’ airway passages. Non smokers can also suffer from this disease. Moreover, smokers are most likely to manifest and develop signs and symptoms of laryngeal and oral cancer. The percentage of having this disease is increased as compared to people who do not smoke.

Heart Disease from Smoking

Smoking effects may also manifest on heart. In fact, it can lead or contribute to factors that lead to heart disease. Technically, cigarette smoke can increase the risk of having stroke by around 60% among women and 40% among men.

smoking effects
Smoking is addictive. It consists of nicotine, a chemical that is very addictive and hard to resist but not a chemical or drug that is impossible to quit. So, smoking effects should not just be treated instead it should be prevented even before signs and symptoms come out. If you care about yourself, your friends and family members, you will never try to smoke for you know that it will not cause harm to yourself but to others as well even those who are not smokers. Remember, smoking effects on the body may cut years from you and others’ lives.

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Sipped Or Smoked Green Tea: A Way Out To Get Relief!

The trend of drinking tea has been recently been altered to smoking tea!  As a vague idea as it may sound, the global ratio of tea drinkers is declining whereas tea smokers is rising. Since health comes first, no matter what the trend is set, one needs to weigh the positive or negative impacts that the tea-taking-ritual can impart. Here, we are going to assess whether drinking green tea triumphs or smoking it!

An Exciting New Mode of Taking Green Tea!

Although it seems like a relatively unconventional mode, it has already penetrated into a number of societies. U.S teenagers are getting inclined towards smoking green tea because of these being handy. You can always carry these in your back pocket though it’s not recommended by Liz Neves who is the initiator of Vivid Vision, an herbal tea blend. In Pakistan, many hookah lovers are trying this globally-introduced-new-fashion of smoking tea. Many Chinese families take turns to smoke green tea via a hookah.

Healthier Way of Taking Tea…. Sipping or Smoking?

According to scientific studies, green tea helps in the reduction of body fat. But the studies yet fail to create a vivid stance on whether smoking tea rather than sipping it is a healthy practice or not. One cannot omit the fact that green tea’s antioxidant properties have done wonders for the human body having no damaging free radicals, even then the question arises whether the mode of taking green tea maximize or minimize the anti-oxidant characteristics of green tea!?

smoking green tea

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Scientific Beckon!

Even though no scientific approach is required in establishing the fact that smoking green tea is not as bad as smoking tobacco, even then it does not convince us to start smoking it. We are familiar that ‘drinking’ green tea can help avoid blood clots formed in veins and arteries which are formed from cholesterol and blood platelets causing heart attacks, but ‘smoking’ green tea gives us no such health advantage since smoking would take it to the lungs first and not directly to blood vessels. Higher immunity rate is also an advantage of sipping tea rather than inhaling it. Metabolic tempo is increased whilst taking hot green tea as compared to breathing green tea in. The herbal ingredients that are a part of green tea are not diminished or reduced whether the green tea is sipped or smoked. Yet, the tendency of the proper effects of these herbal constituents is vividly mounted when drank. The herbal ingredient such as Damiana, mugwort and lavender is an antidepressant, relaxant and stimulate vibrant dreams, respectively. Their ‘magic’ effects are known to be maximized when soaked in water and then utilized in everyday life. Similar study lays the foundation of drinking green tea and its enhanced effectiveness. Though it had been proved beyond doubt that the new exciting way of taking in green tea widens the perspective of people, yet in the long run smoking IS injurious to health.

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Is Smoking Tea bad for you?

From Drinking to Smoking TEA:

Human being is a diverse natured creature. We keep on trying new things, come up with innovative ideas and go about experimenting. Tea which was previously drunk has now become a widely used herb for smoking. Though this practice is quite an ancient one, we find evidence that ancient Chinese families used to smoke tea herbs. Yet, once again this fashion has hit back the floor.

Smoking Tea, is it “Macho”?

Many youngsters smoke tea, because they perceive this as a man’s thing! Different ways are adopted to smoke tea leaves. People usually find it easy to roll. New combinations with tea leaves are made. Lapsang Souchong is a black tea, famous for its smoky taste and aroma. It is made by drying these tea leaves over pine wood fire. People widely smoke tea because of its varying flavors like Peppermint, Tannin, Malt, Lemon Zest, Peppercorn, Tar, is smoking bad for youCranberry Autumn Tea, Cinnamon, Apricot, White Peach, Vanilla Comoro, Cocoa, Honey and other Field Grasses etc.

Short term Effects of Smoking Tea:

Smoking Tea gives you an exotic feeling. It makes one relax, helps one to calm his nerves down, makes one feel light-headed, and forget all his worries. Smoking Herbal leaves not only is aromatic but also makes you high. It is better in taste than smoking tobacco or weed. Tea makes one wide awake and happy. Gives you the energy to get moving!

Long-term Effects of Smoking Tea:

Despite the fact that smoking tea is smoking tea bad for youleaves may give a feeling of relaxation, it can cause cancer. Smoking tea leaves too much can cause one to hallucinate. It will make you high and puke in some cases. It can not only cause respiratory problems but also becomes an addiction, hard to get rid of!

Availability and Accessibility:

Tea is available in almost every home in the form of black, green or herbal tea. It is therefore easily accessible for people to pursue tea leaves for the purpose of smoking. Tea leaves are comparatively cheap and are available with no trouble.

Legal to smoke Tea:

One of the factors why smoking Tea is becoming more popular is that it’s legal. Even if you are under age, you can get your hands on tea leaves. Beware! It could be risky!

Smoking Tea has health risks involved:

Drinking Tea is known for blood thinning. The antioxidant property of tea detoxifies harmful chemicals in the body and raises the rate of metabolism. But smoking tea leaves can be very dangerous for health. Tea leaves due to its caffeine properties keeps one energized due to which once you stop smoking tea, you get a severe headache, become drowsy and sluggish. Tea, being a brain stimulant, reduces one’s appetite. Smoking tea becomes a craving!

Smoking tea can be deadly as it involves combustion process.  You inhale Carbon monoxide which is colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. CO binds firmly with Hemoglobin. It dissolves in blood and makes one drowsy, resulting in oxygen depletion in the blood stream causing death of a person.

Just before you find smoking tea fancy, be aware of what serious irreparable damage it can cause!

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Effects Of Smoking Tea: Good Or Bad

Effects of smoking tea can always be in good side. Meanwhile let us first discuss whether smoking tea is safe for consumption. It is interesting that while connoisseurs and lifelong tea drinkers drink tea in liquid form, there is a new subculture that tea can also be a smoking product. In fact, there are groups of people who consume and used green tea products through smoking it. With this newest way of consuming green tea, there is a big question whether effects of smoking tea is good or bad for human health. Though we all know that tea or green tea serves cleansing purpose to the body every time you drink it, there is still need for an answer if tea is safe to be consumed as smoking products. Therefore, this article will focus on the benefits or possible dangers of the effects of smoking tea. So, if you can’t hold your curiousness, you must stick your eyes onto this article.

How Smoking Tea Started?

At first, it is good to know who had the good idea or curiousness to try tea as one of the smoking products. In general, this practice and tradition is not uncommon and is fairly old. In China, you will be able to find the whole family gathered within a hookah while taking turns in smoking tea. In United States, experimental young-age groups are drawn and Effects Of Smoking teahooked to it since it is their legal way to feel a bit high. On the other hand, college students fill their pipes with leaves coming from green tea bags. Definitely, they light it up in order to calm and relax their nerves. Moreover, some athletes who were under abstinence find themselves smoking this kind of smoking tea products since it is known to have fat-burning properties.

Good Effects Of Smoking Tea

With all these, effects of smoking tea are on the good side. But with regards to safety, arguments were being discussed. Some believe that effects of smoking tea are bad for the body. But most people believe that effects of smoking tea are always good. In fact, it is a smoking product that does not cause harm to the lungs because free radicals as well as other damaging molecules are absent in this product since green tea or any other types of tea have their protective antioxidant properties. Some tea may also contain theanine. This molecule knows how to keep the brain safe from any kinds of neural damage.

Are Effects Of Smoking Tea Really Good?

Is smoking green tea really good for the body? Probably yes. Definitely, it is not worse than smoking tobacco products. However, there is still no valid reason to smoke any time soon. In order to protect yourself from the damaging effects of smoking, prevention and control is still the best way. Therefore, if you have not starting smoking yet, don’t allow that your curiosity wins because if you are already feeling all negative effects of smoking, you will surely regret that you tried and started smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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